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PureAirWaterFood announces their superior pure water technology for emergency preparedness situations. Their products are excellent for emergencies, disasters or terrorist attacks.

They offer two amazing products, as highlighted below:

  • Pure Water Mini-Classic CT – This highly compact pure distilled water machine fits conveniently on any countertop. It has a removable boiling chamber that allows for simple cleaning and filling. Its capacity is approximately three liters every three-and-a-half hour cycle. This model is excellent for small families or individuals and is also perfect for RV and camping trips. This product utilizes a steam distillation process that includes evaporation, condensation and precipitation.
  • Survival Still – Eliminating radioactive metals, including cesium and uranium from water sources, this valuable survival tool helps eliminate carcinogens and other unhealthy chemicals from water. Additionally, this high-quality product will turn any water source into one that is sterile. It offers a superior filtration process compared to similar products, offers protection against germs, parasites, viruses and toxins, converts saltwater into purified water, is extremely compact and very lightweight and uses an advanced distillation process. PureAirWaterFood’s Survival Still meets the recommendations set forth by both the Red Cross and FEMA, offers a lifetime warranty and is made in the U.S.A. from American stainless steel.

For the last 40 years, Pure Water has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality and best water purification systems on the market. Their latest introduction, the Survival Still, is being introduced for the first time this year. It is specifically designed for emergency situations, ranging from hurricanes, cyber-attacks and earthquakes to tornadoes. Tested by the experts at the University of Nebraska Water Sciences Group, this product has been given two thumbs up and is proven to produce 99.9-percent high-purity water.

Often people’s water sources can be contaminated not just for days, but weeks or months following a disaster. The Pure Water Mini Classic CT is designed for use within the home, while the Survival Still can easily be used inside or outside the home, including in the great outdoors.

For emergency situations, it is recommended that families store a minimum of 64 ounces of water per person, per day. Depending upon the environment, age, activity, physical condition, diet and climate, this may vary. This amount is also dependent upon additional liquid intake, which includes soups, juices and higher moisture foods. On average, children, elderly, nursing women and people that are ill will require a higher water intake. While government sources recommend storing enough water for three days, many survival sites recommend a minimum two-week supply.

Water can be stored in glass or food grade plastic containers, provided they have tight fitting caps. Containers can easily be washed with dish detergent and water and then rinsed with hot tap water to ensure they are clean and sanitary for water storage.

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