surThe Pure Water Mini
Classic offers a 15 year
limited warranty

Survival Still Announces a
Lifetime Warranty!

Today I am happy to announce that we are launching the most comprehensive warranty and product performance guarantee in the industry! The Survival Still is the single most effective emergency water purifier on the market. The Survival Still is supremely engineered, and is manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards using heavy duty stainless steel. If properly cared for, the Survival Still could last someone decades.

In addition to the product warranty, we are now offering a lifetime performance guarantee. The Survival Still will consistently produce high-quality distilled water for the life of the device with no deterioration in water quality, without the need for filter replacements. This is a claim that no other company has ever made, nor can they make this claim. The Survival Still will produce high purity, distilled water even from ocean water.

This new product warranty and the lifetime performance guarantee reflect the level of confidence that we have in our product. In addition, this warranty will be retroactive on all Survival Stills that we sold last year.


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