How It Works

The Survival Stilltm turns any water into sterile, high-purity water, forever.

The Survival Still™ turns any water into sterile, high-purity water, forever. The Survival Still is a heavy-duty stainless steel water distiller that purifies water by boiling the water and collecting only the pure steam (a process called distillation). The result; consistently pure water from any water source, without the use of filters. If you’re in an emergency, you can purify water from your swimming pool, a stream or even the ocean, for an indefinite period of time.


Yes, the Survival Still...

  • Turns any water into sterile, high-purity water, for as long as needed.
  • Is FAR superior to any filter.
  • Provides the highest level of protection from germs, viruses, parasites, toxic metals, radioactive materials and other toxins.
  • Will convert ocean water into high-purity drinking water!
  • Allows you to become completely water-independent during an emergency.
  • Produces consistently pure water for decades without the need for filters!
  • Is compact and lightweight (only 1foot x 1foot x 4 inches).
  • Uses the process of distillation, which is the single most effective water treatment process.
Survival Still
  $279.00 plus S&H

The Pure Water Mini Classic uses the technological advantage of steam distillation for water purification.

Steam distillation is the only water treatment process that first boils the water and then condenses the pure steam to form very high purity distilled water. It is the single - most effective broad spectrum core method of water purification. With broad efficacy steam distillation is particularly advantageous for chemical, biological, radioactive and bio - terrorism situations. Steam - distillation mimics the Hydrologic Cycle – a huge natural thermal cycle which produces copious quantities of high - purity water through evaporation, condensation and precipitation of rainwater.


Barrier Methods of Water Purification

Traditional methods of water purification (filters, and reverse osmosis) consist of a physical ‘barrier’ placed into the pressurized waterline. This barrier, held in place with o-rings, holds back certain contaminants from the raw water and allows only “filtered water” through.

Pure Water Mini
  $595.00 plus S&H

Product Video

Video Pending - we will demonstrate using the Survival Still with solar power.

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